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    Diversity Pulse

Building on well-founded psychological principles, and in conjunction with leading Australian academics, we have conducted research that breaks new ground in gender diversity. This research has enabled us to define scientifically a framework of factors influencing whether women apply for and succeed in more senior roles.

At the heart of the Diversity Pulse program is a unique, online assessment that women in your business complete once or twice per year.  We aggregate and analyse this personal data along with a range of demographic, program, and organisational information.  Then we categorise the trends and needs of individuals and groups of women in your organisation and help you match diversity programs to those needs. After participants complete a program, we perform a range of analyses that evaluates the impact that the program has had on them. Within 6 – 12 months, we are able to predict the relative impact and outcomes of the diversity programs that you are using.

Our Diversity Pulse program enables you to:

  • define your organisational trends and benchmarks
  • choose gender diversity programs to meet your needs of people in your organisation.
  • measure and track, in individual women as well as groups, the changes in these factors over time as a result of diversity programs you have invested in.